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The Way I Work (The Philosophy)


Always working with the best photography equipment to get the best result


Is a must to get the best moment and expression

Customer Happiness

What ever you created was worthless without smile from them

Never Stop To Learn

Cause the world has changed every second

 What They Say About My Work


He’s the one of the good photographer who has commitment with his work, amazed me with the photos he was taken from one project to the next project, I will always ask him to help me get the photos since I satisfied by his work.

Bobby Sant.

Team Leader, AnjingKita.com

Since the first time we became his customer, we have never been disappointed with the results. All the photos are beautiful, without losing the true character of our dogs and captures the best photos of them.

He is also very professional when taking photos, can guide and help us positioning the dogs. He can greatly capture dog show photos (which only last a few minutes on the ring) and indoor/outdoor photos.

We love his works the best and will always be his loyal customer.

Shelly Ramli

Loyal and satisfied customer, Zephyr Corgis, Sylphid Papillons, BigBang Bulldogs

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